High Quality Used Mats

Used mats are a more affordable option if the job requires mats but they do not need to be in perfect condition. We offer three different grades of used mats ranging from Grade A to Grade C. All of our used mats are in usable condition- we do not resell mats that will leave you stranded. See our grading specs below:

Viking's Grading Specs as easy as A, B, C:
  • A Mats - Very minimal wear. All rods and timbers 100% intact.
  • B Mats - More wear but still all square ends and timbers with good pick points on both sides and no pulled rods. All timbers also intact.
  • C Mats - Show significant wear, but still solid mat that is usable and has at least one good pick point and no timbers missing or broken in the centers.
Types of Used Mats:
  • 2-ply mats 8' wide x 12' - 16' in length
  • 3-ply mats 8' x 12' - 16' in legth
  • 8" timber mats 4' wide x 16' - 24 ' in length
  • 12" timber mats 4' wide x 16' - 40' in length
  • Pipeline Skids 4" x 6" x 48"