We talked earlier about the many uses of mats in the construction world and what kind of mat is appropriate for each task. But what about non-traditional uses for mats? While laminated mats are better at handling smaller amounts of pressure, they are less likely to impact the environment around them, making them perfect for a variety of situations.

Concerts and Events
Laminated mats are smart additions for any outdoor concerts or events you are presenting. Not only do they provide safe, easy parking for your attendees, but also they are inspired surfaces to put around stages. Laminated mats protect the ground and if you get caught in a surprise summer storm, the mud won’t ruin everyone’s good time.

Home Construction
Using laminated mats for home construction projects will save you a lot of grief, no matter the size of your task. These mats will protect your lawn from heavy machinery, tractors, and constant trips from your car to your backyard. Preventing damage to your lawn will save you from the expense of landscaping and other repairs after your construction project is complete.

Temporary Roads
Another creative use for your laminated mats is making a temporary road. They are highly effective when navigating flood zones and can allow rescue workers to safely reach people in need, as well as provide a secure exit for people escaping the area. Laminated mats are also useful in less critical situations, like if you are doing a lot of work in the woods in your back lot or need temporary access across a field for summer camp. Laminated mats are perfect solutions for your short-term road needs.

Make the most out of your mat investments and find new ways to enhance other aspects of your life.