3-Ply Laminated Mats

Access, Swamp, & Truck Mats

Viking’s 3-ply access mats can be used as surface decking for rubber-tired equipment to create safe access and temporary roads for construction equipment. These access mats work well for lighter load demands and provide an excellent environmentally-friendly option for roadways and stable platforms. All of our 3-ply mats are lightweight and highly maneuverable, making them ideal for temporary use.

  • Board patterns:
    > 11-23/21-11 (8×16) Solids
    > 10-16/18-10 (8×16)
    > 10-15/14-10 (8×14)
  • Truck Capacity: 17-25 per load
  • 3-Ply Mats Weight: ~2000 to 2,850 Lbs

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