Timber & Crane Mat Logistics & Installation Services

Timber mats are both durable and efficient, as they’re suitable for construction projects in a variety of terrains. Viking Mat provides logistics support and installation services for timber and crane mats to help protect the natural environment at your project site in addition to your heavy construction equipment.

Details of the timber and crane mat logistics and installation services we provide are shared below. At the bottom of the overview, we offer additional information for properly setting up mats at project sites.

Mat Logistics

At Viking Mat we work with dedicated and reliable transportation partners who help us ensure your project is a success. With a breadth of over 2,000 asset-based logistic companies that have access to more than 25,000 trucks, we have the ability to deliver to your project in a timely and professional manner. Please give us the opportunity to show you what we can do to provide timber and crane mat logistics and installation services.

Procurement Options

We offer flexible procurement options for timber and crane mat installation service projects. In addition to the standard purchase model, we offer buybacks, monthly and daily rentals and all in lease options. We have the ability to offer creative financial options to help you succeed on your next project. Our goal is to supply your project with the highest quality material in the most beneficial manner.

Turnkey Mat Installation & Removal

Viking Mat can help manage your project. From mat logistics, yard acquisitions and delivery of the product, through timber and crane mat installation, mat removal, and reclamation of right of way, we’re with you.

If you are in need of a turnkey matting solution allow us to demonstrate what we can do. We will find the most economically feasible access, while remaining environmentally conscious to limit our impact on the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. Our team provides vision and sound management throughout the duration of your project from start to finish.


The timber mat logistics support and services we offer include product grading and disposal of your matting assets. We will examine the material you have, grade to industry standards, and help you dispose of any mats which are deemed unsuitable for future use. Give us the opportunity to help you maximize your return on the assets you own.

Tips for Timber & Crane Mat Installation

  • If installing timber and crane mats on a wetland area, run your mats across the terrain until they reach solid ground. Missing spots may lead to environmental degradation.
  • Use machinery for laying down mats. To install your timber and crane mats, especially for large construction projects, use vehicles like track excavators or skid steers for best results.
  • Use the lifting bolts to make timber and crane mat installation easy. Timber mats come with two lifting bolts on each end, enabling them to be lifted and moved into place using machinery.

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