Starting a new construction project in low-level wetlands or any topsoil-rich area should be met with proper soil planning and consideration for the surrounding environment. This means it’s important to consider how much topsoil stripping is necessary when it comes to your specific construction project, as topsoil is a very fertile and valuable resource for most land types.

Once removed, topsoil can take a long time to properly repair itself. Therefore, whenever possible, it’s recommended that companies strip topsoil only in areas where absolutely necessary. This can be achieved through the use of laminated mats – allowing you to effectively move and stabilize heavy construction equipment throughout a project site, all while avoiding direct contact with the ground.

When correctly implemented and removed, laminated mats can have the following benefits for both the environment and your project:

  1. With mats, flattening somewhat rugged land types becomes unnecessary. Timber mats are sturdy, feature a flat surface and can easily be placed over rugged or swampy terrains.
  2. Laminated mats can be reused for your future construction projects, as long as their grade remains above the “C” notation (At worst, they may still show decent wear, but they’re still solid and don’t have broken or missing timbers at the center).
  3. Using them preserves as much area as possible for non-invasive species.
  4. Using them preserves as much plant life as possible that could otherwise take years to regrow.
  5. Their lightweight composition means they can be moved easily, yet still provide a reliable platform for your project.
  6. Once you’re finished with a project, they can easily be cleaned (To read further on how to clean your mats after use, check out our recent blog titled, “Keeping your crane mat environmentally friendly”).

By using mats, you’re not only being environmentally friendly, you’re also saving yourself from having to undertake unnecessary land restoration efforts once you’ve completed a project. Laminated mats are available for purchase through Viking Mat Company. Contact us by phone 800-733-3801 or email for more information.