In the construction industry, the use of both timber and laminated mats can go a long way towards achieving desired results – whether it’s the construction of temporary bridges, adding proper excavation support, building decks or providing for any number of other projects.

Without a doubt, mats are useful. Overall, you could say that they stabilize the construction environment – thus allowing workers to not only operate more efficiently, but more safely as well. So exactly what projects do they play useful roles in? Consider the following:

Temporary Roadways
Timber mats are a great means for getting construction vehicles from point A to point B. The benefits are numerous. Not only are mats easy to install as temporary roadways, they also allow heavy machinery to be transported to the construction site with ease – giving you the ability to avoid bumps and other landscape elements that would typically obstruct such movement. Additionally, with the support they provide, they protect the land from being harmed or altered by heavy machinery – ensuring that any environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Once the construction job is done, mats can be removed as easily as they were installed.

Excavation Support
For anyone who’s worked in excavation, you know that the project requires ultimate stabilization, ensuring that the job not only gets done correctly, but more importantly that it keeps everyone safe as well. Mats can be effectively used in the construction environment for excavation projects in order to properly stabilize machine and other construction tools.

Bridge Decking
Mats can provide surface decking for bridges and other elevated areas, especially for terrains that are rugged or feature bodies of water. The installation of mats on bridges or decks provides a stable surface area for your operation needs.