On the blog, we’ve explored many uses of mats – ranging form assisting with pipeline construction, all the way to installing wind turbines to empower alternative energy. However, one of the uses of mats that’s less known about is their ability to assist in demolition construction projects.

Just this month, it was reported by New Civil Engineer that mats were used in the successful demolition of the Woodlands Lane Bridge over the M3 Motorway in Windlesham, England.

So exactly how do timber mats contribute to these projects? First, let’s cover how most demolition projects work: First, valuables that can be re-used are removed from the structure. Once this process is complete, engineers select columns and other areas that are necessary for the structure’s integrity. In these locations, explosives are placed, and the crew is able to make the structure implode from there.

In other instances, demolition is carried out in a process known as “deconstruction” where construction crews dismantle structures with a more piece-by-piece method.

Whatever method is used, crane and timber mats allow demolition crews to stabilize their heavy construction equipment. When a mat is place under a crane, for example, it provides a secure foundation where the crane won’t be allowed to tip over and fall.

Mats can be easily used throughout the entire process from setting up the demolition beforehand, all the way to using heavy construction equipment to clean up the site. For more uses of timber and crane mats, check out our other blog posts: The Many Uses of Mats: A Guide – Part 1 and The Many Uses of Mats: A Guide – Part 2.