As we’ve highlighted in our previous blog posts, mats have many uses – ranging from temporary roadways, all the way to oilfields. They stabilize the heavy transportation of equipment across rugged terrains, all while having a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. But most importantly, they keep workers safe. And while all mats are generally useful in any harsh area with harsh conditions, whether they’re being used to stabilize a crane, assist in the construction of a pipeline, or you name it, it’s important that you find the mat type that’s best suited to handle your next big project. So should you go with timber mats or laminated ones? Consider the following:

Timber Mats
Timber mats are generally most useful when you’re looking to transport the heaviest of equipment from one site to another. They can secure the majority of track equipment, are suited to handle the construction of temporary bridges and are great for providing a solid foundation for the operation of cranes. They’re also quite thicker than laminated ones – a factor that makes them well suited for handling heavy loads.

Laminated Mats
On the other hand, laminated mats are typically better for handling pressure from lighter loads, such as vehicles with rubber tires. In other words, if you’re planning to transport vehicles or equipment that doesn’t feature rubber tires, it’s probably best to consider the timber option. Laminated mats are also more ideal for surface deck construction and they provide one distinct advantage: They are less likely to impact the environment thanks to their lighter weight.

What to Ask
Yes, there are many considerations to take into account when selecting what kind of mat is right for you. We recommend asking yourself and the mat manufacturer the following:

  • What will you be transporting? Are you going to be using rubber tires?
  • In what environment will you be using the mats? Is it a muddy area, grassland, etc.?
  • How long will you be using the mats? Temporarily or on a more long-term basis?

By making sure you have the right knowledge, in addition to asking all the right questions, you’ll feel more confident when you begin using mats during your next big project.