Whether you are using brand new timber mats or you are using used construction mats, we cannot stress the importance of properly cleaning the mat when your project is finished. You probably already know how environmentally friendly construction mats are and their critical role in preserving a natural space. However, you want to make sure the native plants and creatures stay in their native habitat.

Certain timber mats may not be produced in the area they are used, so taking care of cleaning and maintaining timber mats is of the utmost importance. When a timber construction mat sits in one area for an extended amount of time, many of the insects and native plants adapt and live near or beneath the mat.

Maintaining, removing, and cleaning your crane mats does not have to be grueling process. By taking just a little time to clean the timber, you ensure the longevity of your mats and the safety of the next environment you or the next user has a project. Cleaning methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Controlled shaking or dropping of the mat to remove large pieces of debris
  • Pressure cleaning with water or air
  • Careful sweeping or brushing of the mat

When you clean the timber mats, you should clean them at your construction site to avoid transporting the plants and insects you are trying to prevent from invading other environments. The cleaning process is also a great chance to examine and assess the grade and quality of your mats.