No two construction jobs are exactly the same. Even if you are building neighboring houses that are exactly the same, what lies beneath the surface is not identical. The same mindset needs to be established when you are choosing your construction, crane, or rig mats. When you are preparing for your next project, there are certain questions you should ask your mat supplier, as well as having certain answers for questions your supplier will ask you.

Before contacting your potential mat supplier:

  • Research the heavy machinery, construction equipment, and transportation methods involved in your project.
  • Check the status of the environment you will be working around. Will you be working in a swampland or a prairie?
  • Establish your budget. Decide if you want to purchase or rent your mats, as well as if you want your mats to be new or used.











After you have established the basic definition of your project, it is time to choose a mat supplier. Even if you haven’t been able to determine every one of your specific needs, a quality mat company will be able to help you navigate mat options and answer specific questions about industry requirements. Some questions you might want to ask when speaking with a mat company include:

  • Would you recommend a timber mat, laminated mat, rig mat, or composite mat?
  • If you decide to purchase or rent a timber mat, what kind of timber is used in the mat? Where is the timber sourced? Not only does timber quality vary between species, but also the distance the timber has travelled may give indication to timber exposure.
  • What is the grade of the mat? Will this affect the efficacy of the mat?
  • Do you have a buyback program? What is your buyback policy?
  • Will you clean the mats before and after use?
  • Will you construct and dismantle the mats? Do those services cost extra?

These are basic guidelines of questions to ask when you begin your mat supplier search. Don’t be afraid to ask more questions! If you need mats, then you have a big project, and you will be more successful completing your project by making well-researched decisions.