Emphasizing proper safety techniques during all construction projects is of the utmost importance, but particularly so when such projects occur around bodies of water. Marine-related construction projects can range from building docks and bridges, all the way to the construction of man-made seawalls and the use of barges. Thus, a number of marine construction safety precautions — as outlined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration — should be put into practice:

Workers should be dressed accordingly — According to OSHA, buoyant work vests or life jackets approved by the U.S. Coast Guard should be provided to construction workers. Additionally, such vests should be inspected beforehand and afterwards — as defects can lead to problems with buoyancy and durability.

Make sure one or more skiffs is accessible — OSHA also recommends keeping a lifesaving skiff onsite for team members who are working by the water or above it.

Ring buoys should be readily available — Every 200 feet, a ring buoy with at least 90 feet should be available for use in the event a rescue needs to take place


Construction projects requiring cranes — Floating timber mats can help stabilize cranes that are needed in water-related construction projects, whether it’s building a bridge, a marina, a seawall, or some other type of structure that needs to be fortified.

Excavation — Dredging occurs when sediments need to be removed from a body of water. Dredges are usually attached to cranes and this technique can be used in a wide variety of projects, ranging from harvesting materials and trash removal, all the way to creating larger passageways for boats and ships. Cranes for dredging may be placed on land or a barge deck. Floating timber mats can be used to stabilize cranes to ensure the dredging process is as safe as possible.

Temporary roadways — Floating timber mats can be used to create temporary roadways adjacent to a body of water where construction is occurring. These pathways allow for heavy construction equipment to be transported with ease, all while protecting the ground and surrounding environment.

Timber mats are helpful in a wide variety of construction projects. To learn more on how timber mats can be used to line barge decks, read our blog post, Transporting Construction Equipment: Using Timber Mats to Line Barge Decks.

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