As the oil and gas industries continue to expand, so does the demand for oilfield and rig mats. According to a recent analysis from Future Market Insights, the outlook appears bright in certain regions, as North America is expected to experience growth in mat demand, with the Asia Pacific following closely behind.

In addition to oil and gas industry expansion, other factors playing a role in rising demand include increased construction in Western Europe and the growing petrochemical industry in Latin America. Meanwhile, regions such as South East Asia and Africa – where developing countries are prominent – will see lesser demand compared to other locations.

The report itself from Future Market Insights provides analysis on areas such as supply and demand, market segments, technology, market size, and a number of other factors.

Petrochemical Industry in Latin America — One of the most interesting aspects of the analysis is the mention of petrochemical growth in Latin America. The region has historically experienced economic turbulence and political uncertainty, yet businesses involved in petrochemicals still continue to see steady growth. In particular, Brazil has been a leading force in this area of production. According to a report from World of Chemicals last year, Brazilian growth has been strong over the last decade, despite a recent economic slowdown.

Mat Uses — Timber mats continue to be utilized in a wide variety of industries, with projects including the construction of pipelines and wind turbines, general use for equipment transportation at construction sites, and for crane stabilization. Timber mats for oil and gas, in particular, have been widely utilized.

Why Mats Are Useful for a Wide Variety of Industry Types — Mats are particularly useful when heavy construction equipment needs to be transported across rugged outdoor terrains – particularly wetlands. They keep equipment from getting stuck and/or tipping over. They’re also mutually beneficial, not just helping the transportation of heavy equipment, but also safeguarding the environment from any negative disturbances.

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